Using our products

When you receive our products:

Beeswax Melts - Our Beeswax melts are reasonably sized and will work just as well by halving them for double the amount of melting time. Please use a suitable wax burner when using our melts. Best using in conjunction with a tea light burner.

Soy Wax Melts - Our soy wax melts come in a bar shape, 2 or 3 segments of the bar should be more than enough to provide an even throw of scent throughout your room. Best used using a tea light burner.

Candles - Our candles come with a wood wick. We suggest that your wick is cut to a maximum visible length of 5mm to improve throw of scent, provide an even burn and melt across your candle.

Car / Small space diffusers - When you receive the diffuser please remove the wooden lid and remove the small stopper. Return the wooden lid onto the diffused and tip the diffuser upside down a few times to allow the wood to absorb the fragrance. Repeat the last step when necessary.


When our products have been used:

Wax melts - The packaging and glitter from our wax melts are biodegradable and can be added to your waste and will biodegrade over time.

Candles - Your candles can be cleaned by using a blunt knife or a spoon to scrape out excess wax; as they are made from natural ingredients it is easy to remove. You can also use a knife to remove the wick holder. You can then use warm soapy water and a cloth to wipe the inside of the jar. You can then choose to recycle the jar or use the jar again as:

  • A small vase
  • A Jam jar
  • Storage for small items
  • Stationary Holder
  • A tea light holder